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Google is a 1.5 Trillion company whose share price is at an all-time high and whose CEO gets paid $4 million per year with 135,000 full-time employees worldwide.


For the past few weeks I have been attending a digital marketing tweet chat on Twitter, #ElevateChat. The chat is hosted by Sarah Clarke of Dufferin Media and she does an amazing job in asking great and challenging questions to all who participate.

This week I found the toughest one yet, the topic was about web accessibility, something I know almost nothing about. The only thing I was aware of before this chat was the need for adding descriptions to images on your website. …

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I have been on Clubhouse since 16 February 2021. I’m grateful for the invitation to join the party but having regularly listened to maybe a dozen or so shows/clubs one thing’s is very clear to me. You do need a MASSIVE ego to participate as a host/moderator making it very difficult for those that are more humble and introverted to jump in with your own show. You can see that some people have become obsessively active, where Clubhouse is taking over their lives with the amount of shows they are hosting and scheduling them many days and even weeks in advance.

I will still be taking part for now but I have a suspicion that the newness will subside when other platforms create a copy cat version sometime very soon!

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Michael de

Michael de Groot

iOS only at the moment folks, sorry Android I’m sure it won’t be long.

They’re in their honeymoon period. Being a disrupter and beating the biggest media (social) companies in the world means you have a starter advantage, everyone wants to join you, everyone’s after those elusive invitations, just 2 per user, wow!

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Right Mindfulness traditionally is the seventh part of the Eightfold Path of Buddhism, but that doesn’t mean it is seventh in importance. Each part of the path supports the other seven parts, and so they should be thought of as connected in a circle or woven into a web rather than stacked in an order of progression.

I first became aware of the Eightfold Path by listening to an episode of the Ten Percent Happier Podcast with Dan Harris. His guest way Brother Pháp Dung who explained more about this.

I started with Right Mindfulness as although this is number…

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Welsh denim entrepreneur David Hieatt (david hieatt) recently tweeted this:

“Being an entrepreneur is one of the most effective personal development programs you can ever take.”

BAM!!! Ain’t that the truth!!??

The question is, why is this so?

The short answer is because to be an entrepreneur, you have to cover all the bases. You got to get everything right.

You need to get the product right.

You need to get production right,

You need to get the marketing right.

You need to get the sales funnel right.

You need to get the HR and culture right.

You need to…

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Whilst driving my car I often listen to a podcast or a book on audible. This particular day, I was driving to the railway station to catch a train into our nearest big city, Birmingham UK, I had some meetings planned with business owners and a networking event in the evening.

“It’s because of human suffering”, says the book’s narrator. All audible books are narrated of course and this particular book was being narrated by an english speaking voice, the voice of Kris Dyer. He was obviously chosen by the authors, who are the famous Dalai Lama and the not…

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To get the stats, you will have to play the video below. I was watching an episode of Andrew Marr — a news programme in the UK on a Sunday morning. Actually I had to watch it on replay, as I was late getting up. The mornings are just too damn cold for getting up!

The CEO of the UK NHS (UK National Health Service) — Simon Stevens was being interviewed about the current state of the pandemic and the impact on the NHS and it’s staff.

What I heard was mind blowing, horrific and disastrous. In the days following…

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There’s always a price for wanting to be famous. But this time he price isn’t what you were hoping for. Today you are starring in your own disaster movie, but there really is imminent danger of death and with the stats in many countries stacked against us, we really do have to run for our lives. Run away from other people, who may infect us, which may mean we could get ill and worse still we carry the infection and share it with our elderly or vulnerable relatives.

As it is 100 years since the last pandemic and seeing as…

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Reality is in our minds. If you’ve ever studied or heard about Quantum Physics (Mechanics) then you will appreciate that nothing we witness is actually real. In the world of the atom everything is but orderly, in fact it’s total chaos and what we think to be order is actually disorder. It’s therefore very logical for things to be very unrealistic and not in order at all.

However our human minds want things to be orderly, that’s what we’ve all been told at school and what our parents have taught us when we grow up. In the animal kingdom nothing…

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