Who Gives a Crap?

Image by Wordswag - words by Michael de Groot

This is a true statement;

More people have mobile phones than toilets!

This is is quite incredible and I discovered this statement from a toilet roll wrapper, which I was undoing whilst being in there myself. Evidence below!


And they continue;

Think about that. You’re probably sitting on a toilet now, you lucky thing you! We’re keen to make sure everyone in the world is just as lucky, which is why we donate 50% of our profits to help build toilets for those in need. Kapow!


We just donated $5.85 million. Holy crap!


That’s right, $5.85 million Aussie dollars. No need to get out your calculators — that’s over $4 million in the US, or £3.2 million. If you’ve been keeping track at home, this donation is five times greater than last year’s and it more than doubles our total donations to date (now over $8.3 million AUD). It’s incredible! And it’s all thanks to you. Without your support, we’d never be able to reach this milestone. So well done, you!

We know the first few months of 2020 were a wild time for the toilet paper business, but we’ve actually been setting ourselves up for a donation of this size since we started the business.

Our co-founder and CEO, Simon, famously had the idea for Who Gives A Crap in the bathroom, but that’s not the beginning of our story.

During his time at university, Simon worked with a variety of NGOs in developing countries. While there were heaps of organisations doing incredible work, there was a consistent problem — a lack of sustainable funding. As a result, their scalability was limited and a lot of time was wasted trying to source funding.

Simon decided to use his understanding of economics (he’s a finance dude) to help organisations get the money they need. He thought it would make the most sense to use the purchase of everyday objects as ways for people to give back. This idea needed a scalable model that made sure impact increased as profits grew.

That’s exactly why we donate 50% of our profits. Who Gives A Crap is built on the idea that we all can make the world a better place (cheesy, we know) by helping people make little choices that give back. We’ve always wanted to be sure that our success as a business was directly tied to our impact on the world. In fact, it’s our business model! And luckily, it’s all working out. More people are wiping with us than ever before, and together we’re doing amazing things.

These guys are serious about giving back and thanks to my wife Clair who found them. I am happy for a number of very important reasons, now don’t laugh!

  1. They deliver to our house, so no more loo roll in the shopping trolley, taking up valuable space, easy!
  2. They don’t use plastic, every bit of what they deliver including cardboard box and paper tape can be recycled, boom!
  3. Their paper is made from recycled material, hopefully not recycled loo paper, but I just can’t see how that might be possible.
  4. Their paper is heavenly, yep, their paper gives a delightful wipe, no pretty bears or dogs anywhere in sight. The paper does what it’s supposed to do.
  5. More paper for less money. Their rolls are HUGE, more paper on a thin inner cardboard tube then I have ever experienced in my adult life, I wasn't so much into loo roll when I was little.
  6. They have a sense of humour, very important when you’re on the loo, alone with your thoughts!
  7. And they are trying to make a massive difference, even more important than any of the other points I mention.
  8. Oh and lastly and this could be relevant for you too. We never ran out of loo roll during the first, second and subsequent phases of the pandemic, because our loo roll gets delivered on subscription and they made sure that their supporting clients, were given priority. Now that’s cool very very cool. I remember walking down the loo roll aisle for weeks in March 2020, smirking to myself.

Now if you would like to use the BEST toilet paper in the world knowing that you will not only be looking after your own toilet needs and ensure you never RUN out, but you will also be providing potentially millions of people around the world with toilet facilities who don’t have it right now, with every wipe you make!



Now Who Gives A Crap? Well I do for sure!

Michael de Groot



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