We’re not a team!

The people in the U.K. have been remarkable. The vast majority of us have followed the rules, have respected the Lockdown, have socially distanced and continue to do so, wear our masks, have stepped up and taken the vaccine, plus many more sacrifices, including not receiving any financial support from the government whilst large corporates are receiving millions.

Other countries around the world are struggling, struggling with infections, not being able to roll out the vaccine that fast, being too optimistic early on and on top of all that have been struck by Covid variants, e.g. South African, Brazilian, Indian variants etc.

And now the promised unlocking process in the U.K. is under threat because the U.K. government have never been tough enough on incoming infections.

The hollow words and promises by senior government so called ‘secretaries of state’, who have suggested that we’re all in this together and together we should follow the rules etc., have collectively let the country down and continue to show us that actually we’re not a team!

UPDATE 25 June 2021

Today the story about Matt Hancock’s indiscretion broke. He was caught on a CCTV camera kissing and groping an aide, and having an affair with a member of staff. He did this whilst advising the nation to stop any interactions with people outside of their households. He has apologised and the Prime Minister of the U.K., Boris Johnson is telling us it is the end of the story.

This confirms yet again that we are NOT one team, we are NOT in this together. The British people have yet again been duped, we are famous as a country of fair play and the current government are not showing fair play in the slightest, they have betrayed our trust.



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Michael de Groot

Podcast Host (Share Your Story), Creator, Certified IPTPA Pickleball Instructor, Taiko Drummer | www.stayingaliveuk.com