Image by Wordswag - words by Michael de Groot

Is it really true? Well if you listen to his narcissistic psychopathic comments, then no, it’s not happening. He’s throwing everything and the kitchen sink at his final fake news rhetoric, which has been the biggest con in US history and the American people fell for it and nearly did again this time round.

Where as Joe Biden told his supporters to be patient, wait for the vote counting to be conclusive, that he was confident but wanted to get certainty and then that certainty arrived on Saturday evening when the news networks called it after the results in Pennsylvania. Okay so the counting hasn’t completed 100% and after all there will be a recount in Georgia because the margin is within 0.5%. Plus on top of that there will be legal wrangling to be completed too.

This time though Trump is wasting his time, he’d better save his money for 2021 when as an ex-president he will be taken to court for many other law breaking deeds throughout his life and maybe even throughout his presidency who knows. More stories will follow from previous staffers on how bad things had been. We already knew this, but the American people were blind. I’m using ‘were’ because many have seen the light now and thankfully they did. Not only have they save America, they have saved the world too.

And here are the speeches by Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

The eyes of the world are upon America and the American people and our eyes will be on them for the next 4 years. Did they call it right, will things really change? Will Trump really be out of the picture?

Let’s hope so ‘folks’, Joe’s favourite word!

The last 4 years have been long very long, that psychopath Trump will be gone, gone, gone and hopefully in jail very soon. Confirmation bias is such a big issue for 50% of America at the moment. Trump has been very successful in spreading lies this way. He tells a lie and then his followers will search for the evidence and confirm it for him.

Why Trump has been a gift to America and the rest of the world?

Because we now totally and utterly appreciate what kind of leader we don’t need in this world. We will also recognise more of the wrong leaders in the world, after all, Trump modelled himself on other leaders that went before him and we do know that there are many little Trumps walking the earth, in charge of countries and organisations. Hopefully they will be exposed and removed soon.

Good luck America, Joe, Kamala and the whole team they decide to appoint into their new administration. You all deserve this SO much. We look forward to you leading the world again and showing us how to lead with ‘character’.

May the healing begin…

Michael de Groot

Whiteboard Animations Producer, Storyteller and Podcast Host at Staying Alive UK Storytelling Productions |