The Unknown

Image by Clockwise — The Noun Project

Because of our conditioning throughout our lives by our parents, our teachers, business leaders, the government and ourselves, it means we can only function properly with what we’ve known.

When unknown situations arise like a global Pandemic, we can only resort back to what we have experienced in our lives so far. Our craving and clinging to how things used to be kicks in and our mind will stress continuously until such time that the known shows up again. That’s why so many people protest against lockdowns and their perceived removal of freedom.

Many people on the planet were hoping for a new dawn, a new beginning and a new view by governments on wars, global climate change, poverty, the homeless and many other issues that causes immense suffering across the world. Unfortunately it won’t happen, governments will soon revert to the same old dogma, gross domestic product (GDP) and how to reduce the public financial deficit. The same old options will be considered, no new thinking and no new solutions I am afraid to predict.

The human mind drives back continuously to what was known previously and human suffering will unfortunately continue.



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Michael de Groot

Podcast Host (Share Your Story), Creator, Certified IPTPA Pickleball Instructor, Taiko Drummer |