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Let me start by making it crystal clear that you will only be able to host a LinkedIn Audio Event if you have ‘creator mode’ enabled. However anyone is able to join a LinkedIn Audio Event and joining events together with creator mode enabled is a really great way to ensure that you get the ability to host LinkedIn Audio earlier than most.

Creator Mode Help:

Once ‘creator mode’ is on, LinkedIn will eventually and automatically provide you with the ability to host a LinkedIn Audio event. There’s no timeframe on how long this will take, I had creator mode on for months and only after attending several LinkedIn Audio events and checking daily did I notice that ‘Audio Events’ was enabled. I received no notification and there was no indication that I had gotten the feature. Now I have LinkedIn Live, Audio Event and Newsletters as part of my Creator Tools.

Now that I have it, I can start hosting audio events. In my humble opinion, I believe the 3 major platforms for Social Audio will eventually be Clubhouse (obviously number 1), Twitter Spaces and LinkedIn Audio. There are probably about a dozen platforms out there, but only these three I believe will have serious traction.

Clubhouse started this revolution and I do like Clubhouse, but the hype has slowed down, well you would expect that, but their level of innovation is off the charts, they are setting the standard and that’s why I will still like to be involved somehow. I don’t believe I will be hosting many rooms though, but speaking in some rooms is definitely on the Agenda.

Why is LinkedIn Audio a bit different from the others?

What is currently missing from LinkedIn Audio?

Images below of the two discovery options:

2. Go to ‘your network’ tab, scroll down until you see ‘audio events for you’.

Other potential advantages by being on LinkedIn with Audio:

I hope you’ll be able to join a future Social Audio Community Chat and start getting ready for LinkedIn Social Audio.

Success! ツ

~ Michael —

Originally published at on July 18, 2022.



Podcast Host (Share Your Story), Creator, Certified IPTPA Pickleball Instructor, Taiko Drummer |

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Michael de Groot

Podcast Host (Share Your Story), Creator, Certified IPTPA Pickleball Instructor, Taiko Drummer |