LinkedIn Audio will slowly diminish . . .

. . . unless being able to record them is made available very soon.

I have been hosting a weekly and now bi-weekly show since July 2022, called Social Audio Community Chat, based on my LinkedIn group with the same name.

I’ve loved hosting these rooms and have had wonderful people join in with me and chat about their journey with Social Audio whether on LinkedIn or somewhere else, like Clubhouse, Twitter, Wisdom or other platforms.

It has been an invaluable experience of learning and growth, the mastering of creating LinkedIn Audio Events, promoting them and inviting attendees all takes time and effort.

But what is my outcome for all the effort?

Well, one of my outcomes was to master the process and have a format for creating and hosting LinkedIn Audio, which I have pretty much achieved. The second outcome obviously was to heighten my own profile, make new interesting connections and most importantly share some knowledge and experience.

One of the speakers that joined us, Jon Tromans, introduced me to the BBC mission statement, ‘Inform, Educate and Entertain’, which I am now using as our strapline for our bi-weekly Audio event. Thank you Jon and great chatting with you via LinkedIn Video Meeting recently.

Where could I go with this. Well I have all sorts of ideas; inviting guest speakers, interviewing small business owners, introducing guests that I have interviewed on my podcast, sharing my knowledge and experience in storytelling and other ideas I haven’t thought of as yet.

I am however, 100% clear that I won’t venture into any of those areas unless LinkedIn will give us a record feature.

There are too many people who aren’t able to attend audio events when they are actually live, but lots of people who ask if they can listen to the recording afterwards and of course they can not right now.

I would like to continue with LinkedIn Audio as an interesting project but have to make a decision probably by the end of the year that unless we get a recording feature I will have to call it a day. I would then probably pivot to doing LinkedIn live instead as I recently discovered, thanks to Yonason Goldson that you can stream to LinkedIn live via a paid Zoom account, which as it happens I do already have because of my podcast. But, it’s definitely not the same as Audio only events

Having researched the activity of Live events versus Audio events, firstly there are a lot more and secondly the attendee numbers are way higher.

I’m watching the space and will make a final decision at the turn of the year.

Happy streaming everyone!

~ Michael —

Originally published at on December 16, 2022.



Podcast Host (Share Your Story), Creator, Certified IPTPA Pickleball Instructor, Taiko Drummer |

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Michael de Groot

Podcast Host (Share Your Story), Creator, Certified IPTPA Pickleball Instructor, Taiko Drummer |