Chalkboard Thoughts — Jan 17, 2021 — Episode 13 — NHS

Image by Wordswag - words by Michael de Groot

To get the stats, you will have to play the video below. I was watching an episode of Andrew Marr — a news programme in the UK on a Sunday morning. Actually I had to watch it on replay, as I was late getting up. The mornings are just too damn cold for getting up!

The CEO of the UK NHS (UK National Health Service) — Simon Stevens was being interviewed about the current state of the pandemic and the impact on the NHS and it’s staff.

What I heard was mind blowing, horrific and disastrous. In the days following I only heard one of the stats repeated and that’s how often a new Covid patient gets admitted to hospital. Now the media hardly speaks of these stats any longer, they seemed to be obsessed with knowing when we are due to come out of the lockdown and if we’re on target with vaccinations.

Neither of which are bit of information we need to know right now, we should be more interested how we’re coping in the NHS and if we can get the daily death number down soon!

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