Chalkboard Thoughts — Dec 23, 2020 — Episode 8 — Socialise Sensibly

Image by Wordswag - words by Michael de Groot

In the U.K. we’re about to be told that other areas across England will be going in the highest Tier (4) of lockdown from Boxing Day, 26 December, 2020. Why is the virus spreading so fast? Okay, so we have a ‘mutant’ variant of the virus, which is causing it to spread faster. But, what we are forgetting, the only reason it is spreading faster is that the population is too close to each other, we’re not taking the rules seriously enough, in fact folks have forgotten the rules, forgotten which Tier they are in and crossing Tiers as they please. Many stories circulating of people going to other counties to drink in Pubs that are in a lower Tier. The virus can only spread when we are too close to each other and that’s been the main issue with the U.K. ever since we came out of lockdown 1.0.

The possible other reason is kids. See the image below that unfortunately confirms a rise in positive cases in kids.

And that’s why I published my latest Chalkboard Thoughts episode below.

Produced by Michael de Groot

Michael de



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