Chalkboard Thoughts — Dec 17, 2020 — Episode 5 — Christmas Baubles

Image by Wordswag

As we were coming out of an imposed 2nd lockdown here in the U.K., the government had the foresight to announce that we would have relaxed rules between 23rd and 27th December to celebrate Christmas with family, allowing us to travel and mix with 3 other households. The guidance can be found here, please study it carefully. Since then infection rates, which had been going down have steadily been going up, so much so that many areas in the Southeast of England have had to go into Tier 3. You can learn about your own area restrictions, by going here and entering your post code.

These relaxed few days over Christmas are called ‘bubbles’ and nobody in the press or so far in comedy programs has renamed these ‘bubbles’ as Christmas ‘baubles’, which would be a natural thing to do of course?

Thanks to my dear wife Clair, she came up with this other term and we rolled around the kitchen in fits of laughter!



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