Are You Seeking Redemption?

Image credit: Hugh MacLeod

Welsh denim entrepreneur David Hieatt (david hieatt) recently tweeted this:

“Being an entrepreneur is one of the most effective personal development programs you can ever take.”

BAM!!! Ain’t that the truth!!??

The question is, why is this so?

The short answer is because to be an entrepreneur, you have to cover all the bases. You got to get everything right.

You need to get the product right.

You need to get production right,

You need to get the marketing right.

You need to get the sales funnel right.

You need to get the HR and culture right.

You need to get the finances right.

The list is endless.

And you’re anything BUT endless.

You’re just one person, or at least, a small team.

Without enough money, or resources, or people, or time…

Or anything, really.

The odds are stacked against you. Something like 90% of entrepreneurial efforts fails.

And yet, we are delusional enough to think we are of the 10% who will make it.

The 10% who knock the ball out of the park, driving the economy, the world, and humanity forward.

Under these conditions, you have no choice but to grow, just in order to live to fight another day.

Is it worth it?

Who knows. It all depends on how the story ends. And who knows when that happens.

As you get older and acquire wisdom, you realize it’s not about it being worth it per se, it’s about the fact that you probably have no choice. This is what you were made for.

And you get on with it, rain or shine.

Welcome to your life.

Thanks, David, for such a great tweet. We needed to hear it.



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