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I have a love and hate relationship with funnels. I can see and love the fact that they could be of benefit to my business and at the same time I hate being in a funnel myself.

I will share a recent experience with, let’s just call him Nigel B. of ‘Entrepreneur’s Circle’ and ‘The Best of’ fame. UK can probably guess who this person is.

Nigel is a very famous UK multi-business entrepreneur and has a huge amount of knowledge in this area, I have no doubt.

I was persuaded to trial the Entrepreneur’s Circle a few years ago for a few months. But what happened was truly astounding, I was bombarded with not only emails, also loads and loads of paper through the post. There was just no way I could absorb all the data that was being pushed through to me, it was totally overwhelming to say the least. This was the biggest mega-funnel I had every experienced and this is quite a few years ago.

I realised I had made a massive mistake and cancelled my trial subscription, unsubscribed from all the emails and thankfully it all stopped.



On the 24th September 2017, I received an email from Nigel, well not him personally of course, it was from It read as follows.

Hi Michael I put something very exciting in the post for you yesterday. It’s going to your address: …and should arrive tomorrow! Make sure you take a look. Nigel

Actually, it is a very enticing email and maybe quite exciting, don’t you think? Trouble is I had unsubscribed years ago, so how did I get resurrected? I certainly didn’t remember downloading something from him recently.

Sure enough stuff arrived in the post the following day, it was totally ridiculous and over the top, loads of #fakenews claims from a bunch of his friends etc. No I don’t know if it was actually fake, but it just felt like it. It went straight in the bin. I unsubscribed from the email and declared my feelings in the text box on the unsubscribe page.

I know he uses Infusionsoft and I could very clearly see that my unsubscribe was indeed successful.


On the 5th October 2017, I received a text message from him, see below screenshot, I was blown away and fuming, #WTF, how did he get my number, plus I’m on telephone preference service (UK based service to stop spam calls and text messages), so he wasn’t allowed to be doing this at all and definitely should have known better.

And it didn’t stop here…

On the 6th October 2017, I received another email, titled, “personal message…”

It was one of those video emails via BombBomb, some of you will have seen them. Believe it or not I was first introduced to this kind of video email back in 2005, even before we had broadband, needless to say it died a death then, so I’m pleased it’s back, but I was not so pleased to have received this message considering I had actually unsubscribed from his database.

Well of course it was obvious that they had transferred my details to a different database, the BombBomb database. I was not pleased. It felt like throwing a BombBomb towards Nigel that’s for sure.

Now you can probably understand why I say that I have a love and hate relationship with funnels. By the way full declaration here, I use Mailchimp automation, but in a very very different way. My objective is to add value to my network, not drive them into a funnel of any kind.

I have learnt from others like Nigel that this is never the right approach and when people unsubscribe, that’s it, nothing again ever!

As I’m writing this, I am also familiarising myself with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations update due on 25th May 2018.

Here’s a link to learn more about that for EU and soon to be ex EU citizens. Yes it will still apply even after Brexit.

This will mean changing all funnel approaches by all marketers in the UK (and EU), including my own little ‘value automation’ and I will for sure be adopting the new guidelines, I promise.

RIP The Funnel.


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