Are the big corporates taking advantage of Covid-19?

Image by Wordswag - words by Michael de Groot

You see I think they are. I started noticing this a few months ago, I believe the phone company EE was the first one. Thanks to Denise Quinlan for reminding me.

But there are many of them now and whenever there’s an advert on the telly, I listen out for the subtle words suggesting that they understand, that they are here for us, now more than ever etc. etc.

Below are a number of them, where I’ve been able to search for the ad and I will highlight the word to listen out for.

First up EE a phone company. Most of us remember Kevin Bacon from the movies? Wrong! Nowadays he’s the face of EE. And this advert capitalised on the fact that the NHS was bearing the brunt of everything COVID. So give the NHS free data and the British public will think this is wonderful and support them too by moving there. And you think we’re stupid?

Second is Lloyds Bank, well who doesn’t love a mother horse and her foal? This is not a new advert but just new wording, towards the end they say, ‘now more that ever’. What the hell!!

Third up is American Express with their slogan, ‘We’ve always had your back, we always will’. They show fake scenes of people coping with lockdown situations. Unbelievable!

Fourth up is a UK food chain Sainsbury’s. They try drawing on our emotions, but publicly thanking their own workers through an advert. But surely that is better done in person, in paychecks and better working conditions? It is nice don’t get me wrong, but it suggests that they are a company who value their workers more than anyone else at this time and suggesting. On their YouTube channel under the video advert it says, ‘We’d like to thank every single one of our colleagues for stepping up and helping us feed the nation.’ There’s no doubt that they should be thanked, but pulling on our heart strings is not appropriate at all!

Fifth up is Vodafone. This one in particular grated on me. Using all these clips, are they real? Are they fake? Who bloody knows, I just believe this takes such advantage of these horrible times for people.

Sixth up is Lidl, one of the German discounters who have overtaken the U.K. with Aldi. We actually shop at Lidl, so I like them, but the advert again capitalises on COVID. The overused ‘now more than ever’.

Seventh up is eBay, yes eBay!! Their slogan is ‘stronger as one’. Wow, not good. But will I stop buying from eBay, no I won’t but the feeling is not great.

There’s one more, which is Money Supermarket but I can’t seem to find their latest advert.

There is one advert that I thought was quite clever and although I don’t consume their product, I believe their approach was quite funny. They are not taking advantage of the COVID period, they are just trying to let people know that they are open again for business.

Anyway, that’s my report so far on the big brands taking advantage of COVID19 and pull on people’s heartstrings.

Michael out…

Michael de Groot



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