I sent the following email to an accounting software group from which we rent their ‘KashFlow’ accounting software. They are part of the Iris Software group. My email is self explanatory, the above table shows how the monthly rental has increased substantially since we started with them in 2015. My email below went to customer support and I copied in 6 of their senior execs on 29 April 2021, I’m yet to receive a response. The execs email addresses on their website were cloaked as Exec1@iris.co.uk and for each of them, they had a different number behind the word exec…

Every single human suffers in their life, it’s part of being a human. We make most of our decisions to avoid suffering. For example we swallow a pain killer to avoid pain and as such we become conditioned to swallow painkillers for the rest of our lives.

In the U.K. the sales value of over the counter pain killer drugs was 658 million* pounds in 2020.

*Source statista.com

Our conditioned response to pain is an expensive habit and a profitable one too. …

Michael de Groot

The British public have always treated its politicians with disdain and the latest flat refurbishment scandal by Prime Minster Boris Johnson has caused a huge amount of public and media outcry.

Accusations of political donations monies used, the inappropriate timing and maybe even an illegal process are all swirling around Boris’ head.

His very clear answer is NO!
He had used his own money to refurbish the flat and allegedly everything was done within the rules. That might well be but the U.K. …

So, I’m wondering now whether it is better to write as yourself instead of having a publication on Medium?

In the new app UI I see many publications titles and to be honest I don’t really want to read them, I’m more interested in seeing an article written by a person as supposed to written in a publication.

Therefore writing this short piece is a bit of an experiment to see what it looks like on the feed, if I will even see it.

Also is there any point therefore to have a banner image?

If you come across this post please can you take a screenshot and add it to the comments? Thanks for your help.

A Pint of Beer with a map of the UK drowning inside of it!

The UK is unlocking
Our suffering is ending
We can spend our furlough pennies
In the shops providing they’re still there

We can’t wait to get drinking
It’s not like we stopped any time soon
There’s nothing like drinking in a pub
Or in their garden that will do

As we carry our bags of useless shopping
Through the droves of people breathing fresh air
We wear our masks like we should have been doing last year

Now that we have chemicals in our veins We feel invisible to the COVID19 She may still be lurking in multiple variants For…

Google Pay

Case ID [4–0668000030621] & [8–4030000031153]

Google is a 1.5 Trillion company whose share price is at an all-time high and whose CEO gets paid $4 million per year with 135,000 full-time employees worldwide.


For the past few weeks I have been attending a digital marketing tweet chat on Twitter, #ElevateChat. The chat is hosted by Sarah Clarke of Dufferin Media and she does an amazing job in asking great and challenging questions to all who participate.

This week I found the toughest one yet, the topic was about web accessibility, something I know almost nothing about. The only thing I was aware of before this chat was the need for adding descriptions to images on your website. …

Image by Wordswag - words by Michael de Groot

I have been on Clubhouse since 16 February 2021. I’m grateful for the invitation to join the party but having regularly listened to maybe a dozen or so shows/clubs one thing’s is very clear to me. You do need a MASSIVE ego to participate as a host/moderator making it very difficult for those that are more humble and introverted to jump in with your own show. You can see that some people have become obsessively active, where Clubhouse is taking over their lives with the amount of shows they are hosting and scheduling them many days and even weeks in advance.

I will still be taking part for now but I have a suspicion that the newness will subside when other platforms create a copy cat version sometime very soon!

Produced by Michael de Groot

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Michael de Groot

Whiteboard Animations Producer, Storyteller and Podcast Host at Staying Alive UK Storytelling Productions | www.stayingaliveuk.com

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