Image by Phạm Thanh Lộc — The Noun Project — The Golden Frog is the national animal of Panama — I found a black one to signify the operators based in Panama inside the dark web of spamming.

I received the following email from Keith Rainville.

“Learn to build an email list of your best customers on LinkedIn or access our database of over 500 million businesses worldwide.

Then simply send the list with just an EmaiClik! [note the on-purpose spelling mistake to get through any spam filters!]

Ever since Cambridge Analytica (2018) we all knew that Facebook and especially Mark Zuckerberg were lying. But as soon as the week was over we all ignored it, we went back to our feeds like zombies, until now perhaps?

In the past week Facebook went down for 6 hours globally…

I have new guests on the podcast weekly, sharing some fascinating back stories and their current business journeys. The podcast is published across 25 channels and has approx. 15k listeners. I’m always on the search for new guests, although currently booked up until end Jan 2022. (How did that happen!)

I’m also always looking for kind reviews. Find the podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, plus many more, just search for Share Your Story and look out for the van!

Michael de Groot

Whiteboard Animations Producer, Storyteller and Podcast Host at Staying Alive UK Storytelling Productions |

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